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Daily Filing of Hundreds of Claims = Time Consuming

Posting EOB’s = Tedious

Constant Claims Management = Demanding

It’s no surprise why medical billing is the most dreaded aspect of running a practice. If your office personnel are chasing claim payments and buried in stacks of paperwork, they aren’t able to gain the patient face time you require out of every hour.

The Reliable Team = The Perfect Solution

Make the change you need to free your practice from these cumbersome shackles. Let Reliable offer you the perfect solution to your medical billing challenges. Here are a few of the benefits you will begin to reap once you get started with our team:

  • Patient care is your passion… but properly filed medical claims and quick remittance help keep your practice moving forward. Reliable offers a custom solution for your practice, which will expedite the workflow and ensure patient billing accuracy.
  • Maximize financial performance – we deliver error-free electronic claims and EOB posting, reducing billing errors for optimal success. Reliable receivables management processing ensures quicker payment and better use of your administrative staff.
  • Functionality – simplifies claim submission and posting accuracy, easing up employee work hour duties.
  • Receive detailed monthly reports giving you “to-the-penny” figures on the who, what, when, and where of everything do to with your medical billing revenue.
  • Watch your practice expenses decrease as the need for annual software support fees, telephone bills, postage, stationery (claim forms, and envelopes), etc., decreases dramatically.
  • HIPAA Compliance – ensures your practice stays well within regulations on every front.

Our clients have experienced an average increase in revenue from 5-20% after making the decision to outsource their medical billing to Reliable. Don’t overlook these percentages when comparing us to other companies! Be sure you select a medical billing service based on net collections rather than cost. A company that can ensure sufficient resources are applied to your account will make a big difference in the overall amount collected.

We’re confident our comprehensive management systems will quickly impress you and your staff. Reliable offers our clients no long-term contracts, no upfront fees, and low monthly rates. By partnering with us, you are selecting a medical billing company with the experience to guide you through even the most difficult reimbursement challenges. 

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  • Why Outsource?

    Outsourcing your medical billing to Reliable provides more solutions than you may realize. Our goal is to get you back to what you love: helping people and practicing medicine.

  • Familiar Practice Concerns

    Are you spending more time managing your practice than you are growing it? At Reliable, we understand the path to long-term growth doesn’t come without obstacles. We can help.

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