Letter from the CEO: My Biggest Piece of Business Advice

As a small business owner myself, I understand the trials, tribulations, and joys of running a company—and there are certainly many of each. It can be a roller coaster of responsibilities, expectations, and pressure. And that’s a lot for any person to take on. But with all the downs, there are plenty of ups. For me, one of my greatest moments as a business owner was realizing that I was an entrepreneur—a passionate, successful, risk-taking entrepreneur.

In my time as a business owner, I’ve learned several big lessons—everything from how to work alongside my husband and balance my professional life with my personal one to juggling the responsibility of employing a fantastic team and getting the job done. And though some may label the whole “life lesson” premise as cliché, it doesn’t make the wisdom any less relevant or relatable. In fact, when I speak at physician events, life lessons are always on everyone’s minds. Maybe that’s because “life lessons” often prove to be valuable advice.

So what’s the biggest piece of advice that I can give to any small business owner? Know yourself—and your worth. It took me a long time to understand why people cared about what I had to say. Don’t let that be your mistake. You’re an expert, and you bring value to this industry. Have confidence, and be an advocate for yourself and your industry. It’ll prove invaluable on your journey to business success.
We’re on a mission to help you be better in business, to help you develop the biz savvy you need to ignite and fuel that (possibly) elusive confidence.

Already got crazy business wherewithal? Great! Share your biggest lesson learned in the comments section below.

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